Henegar Painting And Remodeling - Promised to repair roof leaks on new roof and didn't

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Henegar Painting and Remodeling, 7423 Royal Springs Blvd

Knoxville, TN 37918-9198, phone:865-455-1647

email: henegarpainting@aol.com

Mike Henegar contracted a new roof to our residence and storage building in Sept/Oct 2010. Afterwards he repaired two leaks to the residence which we discovered later by hearing drips. Our storage building leaks and we have contacted Mike no less than 10 times to repair the leaks. Each time he promises to send a repair person over but he does not. We are tired of requesting that he fulfill his contract. All we want is for him to repair the new roof issues.

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My husband went to Home Depot and described the leakage problem to a contractor there.He said that the roof was installed incorrectly around the skylights that are on the storage building.

He told my husband how to repair it, and we purchased materials to do this. We have our home up for sale and during the potential buyer's inspection, the inspector noted that the shingles on the storage building were not even nailed into place.

So, besides the leak around the skylights which my husband had to research how to repair and do it, he also had to nail down the shingles.I can't understand how Mike Henegar has been so dishonest in his work ethics.

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